Our Platforms

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We must end the affordable housing crisis by addressing its root causes. Every New Yorker deserves a safe, affordable home. The City must provide a local homes guarantee now.


Every student should have the right to a high quality public education, regardless of where they live. Desegregating and fully funding our schools must be a priority.


Instead of addressing resident needs, our city criminalized Black, Latinx, and low-income New Yorkers. New York City must reorient to provide resources and care, not punishment.

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Our city has been driven by the interests of the wealthy. But in the aftermath of the pandemic, we must rebuild our economy by giving power and support to working class New Yorkers. 


The pandemic exposed the failures of the city’s health systems, as COVID-19 ravaged Black, Latinx, and Asian communities. The City must address the roots of these health disparities. 


An equitable city is one that is accessible to all through public transit and people-centered streets. Our leaders must invest in public transit for the people, and reimagine street design.


Climate change is a global reality that will impact our city increasingly for years to come. We must protect our future while promoting healthy, resilient, and sustainable neighborhoods.