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The People’s Plan was created through a collaborative process with over 150 advocates representing grassroots and policy reform organizations working on critical issues across New York City. These organizations are at the core of social and racial justice work in the city: whether doing the work on the ground, or advocating for public policy that centers equity and justice with and for marginalized New Yorkers.  The full list of contributors can be found in each of the issue area chapters, once published, as these differ per issue area.

Our current coordinating committee consists of Zara Nasir, Lucas Shapiro, Lucy Merriam, and Alan Abraham. Our current volunteer team includes: Ilana Novick, Lynn Yellen, Michael Sutherland, Emily Zanoli, Rami Sigal, Meg Jones, Elijah Rockhold, Virginia Hart, Josie Steuer Ingall, Arielle El-Amin Hall, Quinn Hood, and José Garcia.

Former members of the coordinating committee who have cycled out include: Carlyn Cowen, and Sasha Ahuja. Former members of the volunteer team include: Angelina Atieh, Zarin Farook, Chana Sternberg, Jennifer Qu, Ellie Baron, Annie Benjamin, Alex Hunter, Shubh Thakkar, Dalal M. Shalash, Iman Ansari, Carlyn Cowen, Leena Dughly, Hamza Taj, Natasha Jaffar, Jeanette Estima, Anthony Perrins, Topher Kindell, Aneth N , Aliya Bhatia, Emma Rehac, Michael Perlberg, and Hassan Naveed.

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