About Us

The People’s Plan was created through a collaborative process with over 150 advocates representing grassroots and policy reform organizations working on critical issues across New York City. These organizations are at the core of social and racial justice work in the city: whether doing the work on the ground, or advocating for public policy that centers equity and justice with and for marginalized New Yorkers. Our contributors, divided by issue area, include:

Our Housing Platform: Divya Sundaram, Homes Guarantee Campaign; Cea Weaver, Housing Justice for All; Aaron Carr, Housing Rights Initiative; Yovan Collado, Housing Rights Initiative; Josh Dean, Human.nyc; Lynden Bond, Human.nyc; Akilah Browne, New Economy Project; Julia Duranti-Martínez, New Economy Project; Brendan Cheney, United for Housing; Elena Conte, Pratt Center for Community Development; J.T. Falcone, United Neighborhood Houses New York; Paulette Soltani, Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY); Julian St. Patrick Clayton, Center for NYC Neighborhoods; Alina Shen, Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities; Sasha Wijeyeratne, Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities; Louis Cholden-Brown, Collaborative Democracy Project; Jamie Powlovich, Coalition for Homeless Youth; Samuel Stein, Community Service Society (CSS)

Our Education Platform: Aixa Rodriguez, MORE-UFT; Amallia Orman, Social Justice Educator; Ashley Sawyer, Girls for Gender Equality; Dawn Yuster, Advocates for Children of New York; Deborah Chang, Youth Power Coalition; Farzana Pritte, Youth Power Coalition; Gregory Brender, United Neighborhood Houses New York; Huiying B. Chan, NYU Metropolitan Center; Julissa Bisono, Make the Road NY; Kate McDonough, Dignity for Schools NY; Kesi Foster, Urban Youth Collaborative; Louis Cholden-Brown, Collaborative Democracy Project; Marsha Jean-Charles, The Brotherhood/ Sister Sol; Matt Gonzales, NYU Metropolitan Center, IntegrateNYC, RJPS; Sophie Xu; Megan Amelia Hester, NYU Metropolitan Center; Meg Jones, MORE-UFT; Michael Perlberg, Educator; Natasha Capers, NYC Coalition for Educational Justice; Nia Morgan, Urban Youth Collaborative; Pablo, New Settlement; Sally Frank; Sally Lee, Teachers Unite; Sarah Landes, Make the Road NY; Shino Tanikawa, MORE-UFT; Shreya Sunderram, Teachers Unite ; Vanessa Leung, Coalition for Asian American Children and Families; William Diep, Youth Power Coalition; Zakiyah Ansari, Alliance for Quality Education; Sarah Zapiler, Integrate NYC; Jose Vilson, EduColor

Our Anti-Criminalization Platform: Alana Cantillo, New York Immigration Coalition; Ashley Sawyer, Girls for Gender Equity; Dawn Yuster, Advocates for Children of New York; Kesi Foster, Make the Road New York, Urban Youth Collaborative; Sarah Landes, Make the Road New York; Jawanza Williams, Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY); Nick Encalada-Malinowski, Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY); Albert Fox Cahn, Surveillance Technology Oversight Project; Zara Nasir, Anti-Violence Project; Aneth Naranjo, Peer Defense Project; Andrea Bowen, Bowen Public Affairs Consulting; Chris Gottlieb, NYU School of Law; Corey Stoughton, The Legal Aid Society; Deborah Lolai, The Bronx Defenders; Emma Ketteringham, The Bronx Defenders; Erin Miles Cloud, Movement for Family Power; Han Lu, National, Employment Law Project; Jared Trujillo; Johanna Miller, New York Civil Liberties Union; Joyce McMillan, Advocate; Katie Schaffer, Center for Community Alternatives; Leo Ferguson, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice; Josie Steuer Ingall, Peer Defense Project; Lisa Sangoi, Movement for Family Power; Marty LaFalce; Melissa Moore, Drug Policy Alliance; Michael Higgins, Brooklyn Movement Center; Michelle Burrell, Neighborhood Defender Service; Miriam Mack, The Bronx Defenders; Roshell Amezcua, The Bronx Defenders; Sarah Medina Camiscoli, Integrate NYC; Scott Paltrowitz, #HALTsolitary Campaign; Tehra Coles, Center for Family Representation NY; Toni Smith-Thompson, New York Civil Liberties Union; Zachary Ahmad, New York Civil Liberties Union

Our Economy Platform: Alana Cantillo, New York Immigration Coalition; Andrea Bowen, Bowen Public Affairs Consulting; Carlyn Cowen, Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC); Gregory Brender, Day Care Council of NY; Akilah Browne, New Economy Project; Andy Morrison, New Economy Project; Annie Garneva, NYC Employment and Training Coalition; Chauncy Young, New Settlement; Elena Conte, Pratt Center for Community Development; Nora Moran, United Neighborhood Houses New York; Deyanira Del Rio, New Economy Project; Sade Swift, NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives; Chai Jindasurat, Nonprofit New York; Emilie Miyauchi, Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City; Jose Paulino, New Deal Cooperative; Louis Cholden-Brown, Collaborative Democracy Project; Luis Saavedra, Human Services Council; Michelle Jackson, Human Services Council; Paul Sonn, National Employment Law Project

Our Health Platform: Medha Ghosh, Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), Anthony Feliciano, Commission on the Public’s Health System (CPHS), Anita Gundanna, Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), Hallie Yee, (formerly) Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), Juan Pinzon, Community Service Society (CSS), Max Hadler, New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), Seongeun Chun, New York Immigration Coalition

Our Transit Platform: Caitlin Pierce, Riders Alliance, Danny Pearlstein, Riders Alliance

Our Climate Platform: Maritza Silva-Farrell, ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York, Lynda Nguyen, ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York, Annel Hernandez, (formerly) NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, Carlos Garcia, (formerly)  NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, Eddie Bautista, NYC Environmental Justice Alliance

Our coordinating committee consists of Zara Nasir, Alan Abraham, and Gabe Tobias. Our volunteer team has included: Ilana Novick, Lynn Yellen, Michael Sutherland, Emily Zanoli, Rami Sigal, Meg Jones, Elijah Rockhold, Virginia Hart, Josie Steuer Ingall, Arielle El-Amin Hall, Quinn Hood, José Garcia, Angelina Atieh, Zarin Farook, Chana Sternberg, Jennifer Qu, Ellie Baron, Annie Benjamin, Alex Hunter, Shubh Thakkar, Dalal M. Shalash, Iman Ansari, Carlyn Cowen, Leena Dughly, Hamza Taj, Natasha Jaffar, Jeanette Estima, Anthony Perrins, Topher Kindell, Aneth N , Aliya Bhatia, Emma Rehac, Michael Perlberg, and Hassan Naveed.

Former members of the coordinating committee who have cycled out include: Lucas Shapiro, Aly Panjwani, Susie Dyen, Lucy Merriam, Carlyn Cowen, and Sasha Ahuja.